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The idea of having my own creative team had been floating around in my head for many years but the time never seemed right...until it did. In October of last year, my first team was formed. The open call described the goals of the team to revolve around creativity, community, mutual support, education, diversity, promotion, innovation, and - of course - art. Just having ended on June 30, I am beyond pleased to say that I think each and every one of those goals was met. And exceeded.

Hopefully all well known to you by this time, my team was made up of 6 talented creatives filled with passion, motivation, integrity, spirit, energy, and heart: Robyn McClendon, Riikka Kovasin, Rachel Bellamy, Jackie Jimerson, Phoebe Tonosaki and Debi Adams. Even though they are no longer official, there is no doubt that I will continue to collaborate with all of them. I hope that you all will also continue to show the love and support you offered to each of them while on the team by following their continued adventures on their own sites. If you missed any of their many teams postings, you can find them right here.

During their 9-month experience as team members, our world was pretty much upside down. They all continued to contribute and offer all of you (and me) community, support, education, humor and needed distraction. I thank them immensely for that. As you might know, through much of the past 9 months, Jackie has been working through her own medical challenges and was not able to participate fully. She knows that there is a place for her on my team at any time and I greatly look forward to that time. 

So a big thank you from me to the team. They will always have a place in my heart -- and on my Facebook Lives! Feel free to leave them a comment on this blog post and make sure they feel the love!

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Thanks to all of these

Thanks to all of these amazing artists for their generosity and for sharing their talents with us!

Thank you

How do I thank all of you. Your generosity in sharing your art and knowledge was phenomenal, especially during these difficult Covid months. I will go back through all the videos it is a treasure trove. Thank you again lovely artist, you were truly a blessing to me. Seth thank you for putting all of this together. Such a great community.


The Seth Apter first ever creative team was so extraordinarily talented and kind sharing their expertise, a sense of community, and caring with everyone in the group. Their tips, techniques, and art was truly special. Thank you, Seth, and thank you team! ♥️

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