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WOW Embossing Powder: Sea of Tranquility

Embossing Powder Trios: Sea of Tranquility Embossing Powder Trios: Sea of Tranquility
WOW Embossing Powder: Sea of Tranquility
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From my first collection of products from WOW, Sea of Tranquility embossing powder is inspired by the beauty of celestial objects and was originally found in the Cosmic Trio Set. This powder is a multi-blend of many individual crystals, creating a dynamic and varied color - subtly different with every pour. The surface is slightly more matte than a traditional EP and gritty to the touch. Tiny glints of light catch the eye as it moves across the surface, adding to the uniqueness of the color blends. The container holds 15ml/0.5oz of powder. Because of the different crystal sizes used, a good shake to the container is recommended before the pour.

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