RESTOCKED: PaperArtsy Printed Tissue Collage Paper: Hot Picks

Item Description

PaperArtsy's first release in a new product line: Printed Tissue. These sheets features images from their Hot Picks series. There are 4 sheets per pack, each measuring 30 x 20 inches. All images are high quality and larger than the original rubber stamp versions. For example, the Eiffel tower is a mini stamp of about 3 inches and on the Printed Tissue is is 6.7 inches tall.

The tissue will disappear when wet glued to a surface, the ink is permanent black, allowing you to add colour to the back or front of the image before adhering.Use a wet paintbrush to create soft 'tear' lines. These are perfect for fast backgrounds to break a blank page.

Shipping Update: Shipping to the United States and Canada (with additional shipping charge requested following order). I am no longer shipping outside of North America.

Please read The Fine Print which can be found here or via the link at the footer of every page.

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