RESTOCKED: PaperArtsy Mattint: Glow

PaperArtsy Mattint: Glow PaperArtsy Mattint
RESTOCKED: PaperArtsy Mattint: Glow
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An all new product category for PaperArtsy, Mattints (Matte-Tints) are a water-based, matte effect tinted glaze and collage adhesive. Glow is a rich warm ochre yellow, perfect to add warmth to any project.

Matte glazes are a transparent sealer with a matte, flat finish. They produce a toothy surface that will easily accept any pens, pencils, paints and more. They have the same characteristics and qualities as the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic Paints but are completely transparent! Read more about this amazing product here.

  • Use Mattints as an adhesive or colour option to tint collage papers and tissues.
  • Use alone or over acrylic paints as a sealer
  • Mix with acrylic paints to increase paint transparency
  • Layer with other Mattints for transparent matte tinted layers
  • Easy clean up in warm water. Low or no VOC's. Eco Friendly
  • 50ml bottle made in France.

Shipping Update: Shipping to the United States and Canada (with additional shipping charge requested following order). I am no longer shipping outside of North America.

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