• I will be heading to the beautiful Finger Lakes in Upstate on Wednesday September 27 to participate in the MacKenzie-Childs Artisan Craft Faire. The shop will remain open and shipping will resume on Tuesday October 3. The pre-orders for both the PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paint and the Caged Hearts will be sent next that week as well.

RESTOCKED: Gridlock Stencil

RESTOCKED: Gridlock Stencil
Only 5 available

Gridlock is a 6" x 6" stencil from my Matrix series with StencilGirl Products. The stencil design can be used to create an abstract pattern that can become the focal point of your work. Individual segments can also be used on their own for smaller pieces. Individual rows or columns can become borders. It also calls out to be used as a non-traditional swatching stencil, wth different shades of mediums in each box and just enough room in between for a small, handwritten label. And how cool would it be to use the entire stencil and write a letter in each square, spelling out a phrase or personal message.Use it and make it your own.

Made using a 7 mil mylar, heat resistant film, this stencil can be used over and over again. While you can use the stencil as a whole, the many sections of the stencils lend themselves to layering.

Shipping Update: Shipping to the United States and Canada (with additional shipping charge requested following order). I am no longer shipping outside of North America.

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