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Embossed Wallpaper Pack #4: SMALL

Item Description

One of a curated selection of products that inspire created by other artists and designers.

Those of you who have taken my workshops over the years will recognize this item: embossed wallpaper. This has been an obsession of mine off and on for 10+ years and I have used it in multiple ways: embossing and debossing, heat embossing, collage and more.

This sample pack includes six 5x5 inch (approximately as they are hand cut) squares of embossed wallpaper each in a different, textural design. It is made from vinyl and prepared to take on layers and layers of paint and wet medium. The dimensions of the samples is relatively small but the wallpaper is built to last a long time. If you would like larger size pieces, click here for the 8 x 10 inch packs.

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