PaperArtsy 35 Cling Rubber Stamp Set

PaperArtsy 35 Cling Rubber Stamp Set
Only 2 available

Eclectica³ 35 is a set of ten art stamps from my collection with PaperArtsy. This set includes stamps that can be used to create background details or abstract focal points. Gaps within the design of many of the stamps allow the background to show through and encourage you to color within or outside the lines. I love including text in my sets and ESA35 includes two text based stamps surrounded by circles: once upon a time in a land far far away and IMAGINE. There is also a larger, circle frame stamp which fits perfectly around the two smaller circle stamps. Most of the other stamps are all about bringing grungy, scratchy texture and design to your work.  Made in France, these stamps are deeply etched, red rubber that is backed with repositionable cling cushion.

The stamps range in size from about 1 x .75 to 2.25 x 2.25 inches.

Shipping Update: Shipping to the United States and Canada (with additional shipping charge requested following order). I am no longer shipping outside of North America.

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