PaperArtsy Paint: Inky Pool

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Hands down, my favorite color in the range of Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic paints from PaperArtsy. One of those colors that I wish I developed myself. I have included it in the "my paint" category only as a means of making sure that people find it.

Inky Pool is a paint with a rich deep-dark green-blue tone.  A single layer is transluscent but can turn inky black when layers are built up. It packs some serious punch and until you use it yourself, you'll never quite understand how magical it can be. A must-buy shade.

Fresco Finish Chalk paints are quick-drying acrylics with a matte finish. They are highly pigmented, water based, and work well as a base for mark making and journaling as the matte surface will work with just about any pen - and your pages will not stick together.

Please note that paint is heavy and when you purchase multiple bottles, the shipping charges add up. As always, it you are charged $4.00 or more than the actual shipping costs, you will receive a shop coupon for that amount.


---If you live in the United States, you can order directly and immediately from this site. 

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