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Nick Bantock Cling Rubber Stamp Set: Isle of Pelicos Edition 2 (2023)

Nick Bantock Cling Rubber Stamp Set: Isle of Pelicos Edition 2 (2023)
Only 6 available

One of a curated selection of products that inspire created by other artists and designers.

ALL NEW 2023 stamps from artist, author, and icon Nick Bantock - author of the Griffin and Sabine series of books. The entire collection was manufactured in the UK by The Artistic Stamper. This item is a newly released set of 7 red rubber cling stamps based on a long retired set that is no longer available. The stamps range in size from approximately 1 inch in diameter to 2.25 x 4.25 inches. For those of you outside North America, this stamp set is also available directly from The Artistic Stamper.

Read on for a short bio on Nick and a short history of Pelicos.

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Nick Bantock was schooled in England and has a BA in Fine Art (painting). He has authored 30 books, 11 of which have appeared on the best seller lists, including the best selling ‘Griffin and Sabine’ His paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages and prints have been exhibited in shows in UK, France and North America. Nick has a lifetime BAFTA (British Oscar) for CD Rom ‘Ceremony of Innocence’, created with Peter Gabriel’s Real World. He has worked in a betting shop in the East End of London, trained as a psychotherapist, designed a house that combined an Indonesian temple, an English cricket pavilion and a New Orleans bordello. Among the things he can’t do: Can’t swim, never ridden a horse, his spelling is dreadful and his singing voice is flat as a pancake.

A Short History of PELICOS (especially written for The Artistic Stamper)

Pelicos has been known by many names. The first human inhabitants were a tribe of hunter-fishermen who called the island Pelic or Pelicos, which meant three-sided stone. In the middle of the first millennium, when the region was overrun by the Cesian empire, the island was home to a small garrison of troops and was marked on the only surviving tributary map (now housed in Sarte Museum) as Carthus Minor. After the empire’s demise, the island was left in relative peace for five hundred years until the Nordssmen started pillaging, plundering, and exacting tribute from the mainland. They called the isle Gronlund, and because they believed it haunted by giant green spirits, they gave it a wide berth. Then, in the Seventeenth Century, the HMS Pugilist, captained by William Thurlow, arrived to claim the isle as part of His Majesty’s expanded territories. The captain intended to call it Marianda, after his beloved third wife. However. Captain Thurlow lost control of his crew and was sent packing in a longboat by a group of mutineers lead by the first mate, Matthew Pelico, who proceeded to name the isle after himself. After the First world War, Pelicos joined with it neighboring island, Sarte and became known as, Pelicos and Sarte. More on Sarte, as and when…!