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NEW: WOW Embossing Freestyler & Ink Pad Refill

Item Description

Think Outside the Pad. Not one of my designs - but I wish it were. This 10ml/0.33oz glass vial is filled with embossing fluid and comes with a steel ball rolling cap. This new tool gives you so many more options than those that can be achieved with a traditional pad only.

You can use this tool as a handy and easy reinker fopr your embossing pad. Simply press the tip onto the embossing pad and use large, circular motions across the entire pad to re-ink. No more need for a fake credit card to wipe across the pad surface.

But wait. There's more. 

This is also a freestyler. Simply roll the ball across the surface and go. My favorite thing to create is freestyle swirls and concentric circles. But you can use it to create lines, random marks, dots, outlines, words and more. The rolling cap allows you to be so much more free than when using an embossing pen. The slight inconsistencies in the libnes that result make this more suited to mixed media than to clean and perfect applications.  Believe you me when I say that this tool is so much fun to use.

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