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Imagine Crafts GooseBumps Texture Spray

Item Description

One of my "favorites" to use when I create my artwork.

This texture spray from Imagine Crafts can be used to create a variety of effects on your artwork. Spray 12 inches from the surface to create a speckled effect and closer for more coverage.

My favorite use of this spray is with embossing powder. First spray the product on your surface to create an organic pattern that will serve as an adhesive. While still wet, pour your embossing powder and shake off excess. Heat with a heat tool. Watch as the surface bubbles and builds texture. Let cool. I demonstrated this process on the PBS television show Make it Artsy and you can see the demo here.

The clear texture spray also acts as a resist to water-based inks (such as dye ink) once dried. 

GooseBumps is clear, odorless and water-based. Drying time varies based on amount of product sprayed. The container hold 2 fluid ounces. It is recommended that you flush the sprayer with water immediately after each use to keep it from clogging.  

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