Bamboo Wrapped Serenity Stone: Natural

Item Description

Welcome to The Atelier: the space to find unique, curated items, objects and elements perfectly suited for living a creative lifestyle. Some in multiples, others one-of-a-kind, all very special. Some utilitarian, others purely decorative, all inspirational. 

Natural stones are artfully wrapped in woven bamboo creating objects which feel as good in the hand as they look on a table. Each stone is natural so size, weight and color will vary. Stones in image measure approximately 3 x 2.5 to 4 x 2.25 inches and may not be the exact one you receive. 

Shipping Update: Shipping to the United States and Canada (with additional shipping charge requested following order). International locations can email to request shipping charge. Minimum order from the UK and EU is $200 due to VAT regulations.

Please read The Fine Print which can be found here or via the link at the footer of every page.

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