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In-Person Workshops

Workshop Schedule 


Experiences. As we venture forward together as a creative community, after 2+ years of closures and cancellations, I have decided to create experiences rather than classes. Whether it is a one-day workshop at a craft store or a nine-day international cultural adventure -- my events going forward will be filled with so much more than just technique and projects. My aim will be to create community, connection, and memories! Please check back to this page to see the adventures that will be added as more time passes and safer travel returns. 








Time Capsule


Time Capsule. Join me at the historic Greenville Arms 1889 Inn from October 23 to October 29 and experience Autumn in beautiful upstate New York as well as a workshop adventure designed to fuel your creative and personal spirit. We will be making a series of projects, small in size but big in impact, that will each nest inside their own, individual container – think tins, boxes, bags, etc. Each of these will in turn be placed and housed inside one larger box, creating a very special treasure chest. Your unique art pieces will include some combination of handmade books, paintings, collages, assemblages, scrolls, wraps, shrines, and more. There will be community and connection and wonderful food as well! Registration is open and details are available here.








Spain. Join me for a nine-day cultural and creative adventure of a lifetime in Spain. Along with Jim West, the owner of Craftours - the sponsoring company - you will experience Spain through the lens of creative eyes. Our focus will be Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona. Together, our multi-day workshop will guide you in creating a Field Guide to Spain which will become a part of your daily activities.  Jim will also be teaching two mini-workshops on both painting and photography. But the star of the show will be Spain herself and our activities will include multiple tours with professional local guides, an exclusive tour of a century-old Spanish sword-making factory, an optional Spanish cooking class, tour of a local family-owned winery including wine tasting, a visit to the Spanish craft village of Poble Espanhol, a visit to a family owned Spanish fan/umbrella making facility, a demonstration on the Flamenco-inspired haute couture dresses, a visit to the iconic Sagrada Família, Gaudi’s famous church in Barcelona, plus many meals, special gifts, and much more. Nine days of creative community and cultural bliss. Registration is open and details are available here