Online Workshops

Up until the time of the pandemic, I spent much of the year traveling and teaching mixed media art workshops all across the globe. Until the time comes when in-person workshops are fully safe, I now get around on the computer rather than an airplane. My online workshops allow me to bring my creative ideas to you. In your studio. In your home. In your pajamas. No matter where you live, what time you like to create, or how many times you want to watch.

Read on to see which of the followings classes tempt you!


Creative JumpStart 2022

Registration is open for for Creative JumpStart 2022. This online workshop event has 38 instructors, daily downloadable video lessons, and opportunities for live interactions via webinars and a private forum. A new video is available everyday during the month of January. Please note that the earlier you register, the more you save on cost. 



One BADASS Art Journal 2022

Registration opens December 1 for One BADASS Art Journal 2022 which starts in February 1, 2021. With 15 instructors - including me - you will be have access to video lessons and downloadable PDFs sharing each artists' unique approach to art journaling and a badass community. This event is all about bringing your inner creative badass out. 


Make Your Mark

Registration is now open for the recorded version of my Facebook Live workshop Make Your Mark originally held on October 13, 2021. It is all about...wait for it...mark making. In Part One we go back to school and learn all abut the creative benefits, process, techniques and supplies for and of mark making. A series of creative exercises will help you find you own personal marks and mark making style as well as enable you to loosen up. In Part Two we make layered backgrounds with paint and collage and then make marks! You will have access to the class - and the community in the privarte Facebook group - for life so that you can access the class anytime and as many times as you like. The workshop costs $40. More details, the full class description and supply list, and registration info is available here.



Collage Camp

Registration is now open for the recorded version of a FB Live workshop held in July 2021. Pack your paper & glue and join me for an afternoon at camp. We start by discussing general collage techniques and approaches This is followed by a review of a series of basic principles underlying the collage process. We will be making a quick “glue and go” collage that illustrates each of the concepts we discuss. These principles are particularly helpful to use when you find yourself creatively stuck. We will then move on to creating a handbound book with pockets which will contain your collage illustrations and notes. This will become your handbook of collage and a reference guide that you can refer to once camp is over. After the class is completed, you can choose to continue to decorate your book mixed media style – or leave as is. The concepts covered in this course can be applied to your ongoing work in collage as well as in areas such as painting, art journaling and mixed media.



Beyond the Background

Registration is now open for the recorded version of a FB Live workshop first held in January 2021. Spend two hours with me in a private Facebook group learning just what to do with all those backgrounds you have made. We will be focusing on reviewing approaches to going beyond the background, specifically with abstract art in mind. I share ways of thinking and doing as we go through multiple options for going fronm background to completed art. With each approach, we will start with a new, completed background and, using supplies that you are already likely to have, put the techniques into action. 



One BADASS Art Journal 2021

Registration is now open for One BADASS Art Journal 2021 which started on February 1, 2021. With 15 instructors - including me for the first time - you will be have access to video lessons and downloadable PDFs sharing each artists' unique approach to art journaling.




Join me for the recorded version of a FB Live workshop first held in September 2020. We spend 2 creative hours focused on surface alteration.  We start by altering the surface of a metal tin and then move on to creating the structure of a concertina book - also known as an accordian fold - which nests inside. From there I share my techniques for creating layers - without paint - on the surface of the book pages. And as a final step, we will use paper and fabric to add collage to complete your book.  




Join me for the recorded version of a FB Live workshop first held in July 2020. I will guide you through the process of creating mixed media backgrounds with depth, dimension and detail. In this workshop we will be building up a surface, layer by layer, with supplies and techniques both traditional and innovative. This class is designed to help you embrace an approach to creativity that is all about freedom, working without a plan, and letting the layers be your guide. We will discuss strategies to help you start a piece, make choices along the way, and know when you are done. Topics such as composition, color selection, and mark making will be touched on. All in a fun-filled, jam-packed, whirlwind 120 minutes during which you will always be only one layer away from magic.




Make a Mini with me in this recorded version of a FB Live workshop first held in May 2020. In this 2-hour class, we will create a one-if-a-kind mini artist book. Measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches when closed, we will build this book from scratch using basic materials and a no-sew binding. After learning the basic technique, you will be able to use it to easily create books of any size. Once our books are bound and our covers are covered, we will move ot the inside where I will demonstrate my approach to abstract collage. 




Mixed Media Journaling is my newest online course created as part of Sketchbook Skool. This class includes segments from Kecia Deveney, Mary Beth Shaw, Nathalie Kalbach, and me! We take you on a journey through our personal process of creating journal pages. There are tips, techniques, supply suggestions, personal anecdotes, and so much more - including homework! I show you my process, step by step, of creating a two-page spead in my journal. There is a video with a page-by-page walk through of several of my journals. And there are six bonus short videos sharing quick tips.

As part of Sketchbook Skool, there is a community platform with a ton of interaction - with both the instructors and the other participants. You can share your work, connect with other journalers or simply read all the comments. You get lifetime access to the klass which means you can comfortably go at your own pace. Head over to the site to learn more about the workshop, see sample videos, and to register. 




This workshop consists of 6 video segments and takes you through the creation of one project using my signature, mixed media techniques. This class is sponsored by StencilGirl Studio -- but it is about so much more than stenciling. I share my secrets for creating dymanic, layered surfaces. I demonstrate technqiues for creating texture, offer tips on developing dimensional backgrounds, share my methods for adding the smallest of details to bring the largest effects, reveal the way in which I chose and use a focal image, offer strategies to to add the perfect finishing touches and focus on my belief that you are always only one layer away from magic. I share my favorite tools - and how to use them. Along the way I also highlight ways to create without thinking so you control the inner critic and let your inner artist fly free.

In total you will instantly get 115 minutes of instruction along with VERY detailed PDFs listing the supplies used as well as documenting and illustrating every step along the way. There is lifetime access allowing you to work at your own pace and revisit the class as often as needed. Head over here for more details, to watch sample videos, and to register.




In this 124-minute workshop video from 2017, I guide you through some of my favorite techniques for creating painted layers in mixed media art. Along with a student  by my side, I demonstrate the following 10 techniques: monoprinting, textured embossing, stamp effects, translucent layering, ombre effects, blackout effects, splatter techniques, brayer layer, subtractive painting, and subtractive splatter. Please note that this is a technique-based video rather than a project-based video. Each technique segment stands alone. This workshop is available for immediate download here on Artistsnetwork. 




This 118-minute, technique heavy workshop from 2017 takes you step-by-step through 10 different approaches used in mixed media, both traditional and more innovative, including: gesso resist, heat embossing, collage, stamping, die cutting, photo altering, stenciling, fibre layering, color staining and debossing. Along with a student by my side, I demonstrate the way to easily use these techniques in 10 separate segments, Please note that this is a technique workshop and is not project-based. This workshop is available for immediate download here on Artistsnetwork. 




Based on my most popular class, 52 Card Pickup, this 96 minute workshop from 2016 helps you learn to create dynamic, mixed media layers while lossening up and creating without thinking. With a student by my side, I demonstrate how to turn a deck of cards into a year-long art journal. 52 cards equals journaling once a week for 52 weeks. You will learn, step-by-step, as series of mixed-media layering techniques involving gesso, paint, ink, stamping, stenciling, collaging, and more. Because you are working on the front and back of 52 cards, it is easier to have fun and let go. This workshop is available for immediate download here on Artistsnetwork. 




Based on Collage Camp, my now retired live workshop, this 119-minute long video class from 2016 is geared toward furthering your ability to create cohesive collages and moving you forward if you feel stuck in any art medium. Along with a student who is by my side, we start by creating a reference manual complete with 10 small collages, each of which illustrates 1 of the 10 principles I discuss. Next you will learn a fun, layered painting technique to create a unique background for your collage. All the steps are then put together as we create a collage from start to finish. Finishing touches are reviewed to further enhance your artwork. This workshop is available for immediate download here on Artistsnetwork.




This 91-minute workshop from 2016 is based on my live, but now retired class Photo Op. It is all about photo alteration by hand. This class first introduces you to a series of subtractive techniques to prepare the surface of your photograph and/or add texture and pattern to the image. This is followed by demonstrations of additive techniques, where we hand-color our photos using watercolor paintsm, dye inks, and water-based pens and markers. The focus then shifts to integrating these photos into your art. After an introduction in how to create and alter die cuts, we put it all together by creating a dimensional and layered journal page where your photo is the star. A student is by my side for this interactive workshop. Download it here on Artistsnetwork.




In this 95-minute workshop recorded in 2016, you will learn what has become my signature book binding technique. Using a old book covers and cardstock, I demonstrate a simple, no-sew binding that allows you to bind single sheets into what appears to be a traditonal bound book. You will see how to make a binding bar and create mutiple interactive pages with doors, windows, flaps and more. We then turn to pages and I will show you a paper quilting technique to add a dynamic and complex background to each page. Finally, the addition of dimensional objects to your cover is reviewed. A student follows along in the process. This class is suitable for both those of you who have never made a book and also for seasoned book artists. The class is available for immediate download here on Artistsnetwork.