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The Left Brain Podcast


I am excited to be a guest, along with Kristin Williams - artist and owner of Ephemera Paducah in Kentucky - on The Left Brain Artist, a podcast series developed by Suzanne Redmond that focuses on the business side of art.

In this podcast, the three of us discuss the results of our survey of 1600+ artists and how they have been effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also share some potential strategies for creatives, instructors and small business owners based on the findings. 

You can listen to the podcast and the many others she has on offer at iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, CastBox or Stitcher. Not familair with podcasts, just click here to go to Suzanne's site to easily listen. You can also head to the same post on Suzanne's site to simply read a list of 16 "takeaways" that summarize the conversation. 


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