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Sew This Happened...

Several years ago I took the step of buying my first sewing machine. I often hand stitch on my mixed media work but have always wanted to free stitch using a machine as well. While teaching at Artistic Artifacts in Alexandria, Virginia, I decided to go for it. Artistic Artifacts is filled floor to ceiling with the most amazing fabric selection (much of which is available in their online shop) and of course mixed media supplies. But they are also an Authorized Bernina USA dealer. The owner and my friend Judy Gula hooked me up with the perfect starter machine - a Bernette Sew & Go. 

I took the machine home and set it up. Life got in the way and a few months later, I thought back to my lesson and got to sewing. Well, I got to threading. Well actually, I got to trying to thread the machine. Happily the scene was not recorded and I did what most sewing virgins would do - stepped away from the machine.

Months later, the machine got boxed and stored. Surface area in my studio is too valuable to hold anything that isn't actively being used. 

Years later (okay, just 2 years), it was time. I had shared with Kecia Deveney my plight and she did what most sewing experts would do - insist I bring my machine to her studio for a lesson.

So just a few days ago I visited Kecia and she walked me through the steps, made it fun, and totally re-ignighted my passion for machine stitching.

But first things first, she had me name my machine. So Boris Bernette.

In between the fun, I actually threaded and sewed too.

Hoping that this time, it sticks. My plan...adding stitching - and even more fiber than usual - to my mixed media work. Stay tuned...

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