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PaperArtsy Maintenant en France


PaperArtsy has made the move from the UK to France and is now back up and running. Bigger & better than ever. That means that my empty shop shelves are now filled once again.


My collection of 24 mini stamps




New and restocked stamp sets




Fresco Finish Acrylic Paint

My Color Collection


NEW Colors from the Core Collection


NEW Release: PaperArtsy Stamps

New Release


Thrilled to share with you my newest release from PaperArtsy. This UK-based company has just moved to France and are about to reopen - even bigger and better. C'est vrai!



All three sets are deeply-etched, red rubber cling stamps. They are currently available for pre-order from many of your fcvorite craft destinations throughout the world. I have a small supply in my online shop shipping now. Once I run through those, I will also be taking pre-orders.




Inspired by the events of 2020, this set includes my favorite stamp of the new release: the abstracted butterfly - which to me symbolizes transformation, metamorphosis, and change. I got some good grunge in this set too!





This set is all about symbols. The designs were inspired by the magic of symbols. And mark making -- one of my very favorite activities.





The final set in the trio was developed with the idea of making stamps that could both be used to create background detail and abstract focal points. Had to throw in the word believe too given my love of all-things-text.



Thanks for having a look-see. I cannot wait to see what you create with these beauties.


New Release: PaperArtsy Stamps

I am excited to share with you my newest release of stamps from PaperArtsy. My last 3 releases consisted of a collection of mini stamps but for this release I am back to sets. And with these 3 new sets, I now am the proud owner of 15 different sets with the company. All of these stamps were inspired by the sites I see living in New York City. These have an urban, gritty edge to them. They are available now and shipping from my online shop.

ESA 13


ESA 15

New Release: PaperArtsy Stamps + Paint

Two epic events happen every year at this time: the holidays are celebrated and the craft world releases new products. No quite sure which is more ground shaking. Starting now and continuing for the next month, I will be sharing my own contributions to the new release party. Today I am happy to share with you my new releases from PaperArtsy, all of which are available and shipping now from my online shop. You can also see more details on the new release post on the PaperArtsy blog.


First up are 8 new mini, credit-card size red rubber cling stamps. 









I now have a total of 24 mini stamp designs, including...

Set 1

Set 2



Four new additions to my color collection.  

All 4 colors are opaque Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylic paints. They are available now in my shop as a set I call Softs.

And in case you haven't heard, I saved these 4 colors from an early retirement and have adopted them as part of my 24 color collection.

NEW: PaperArtsy Mini Stamps

Excited to be sharing my newest stamps - hot off the press - from PaperArtsy. 

These new, credit card size minis, are deeply etched, red rubber cling stamps and they are available now from my online shop.









And just in case you haven't seen my original set of minis released in January 2019...

The new releases - and my entire collection of stamps - can be found in my online shop.

New Release:PaperArtsy Stamp Minis

So very excited to share with you my newest product release from PaperArtsy. My collection with them includes paint, rubber stamps, and wood chip embellisments but this time I have focused on stamps only. And for the very first time, I have designed minis, credit card sized stamps that are perfect addition for your stamp stash.

Mini 33

Mini 34

Mini 35

Mini 36

Mini 37

Mini 38

Mini 39

Mini 40

My new release with PaperArtsy also includes 2 stamp sets and an upcoming blog post will highlight those.

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