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Over the years, I have been involved with many, many, many artist collaborations. I always find working with other artists to be inspiring and invigorating. And the collaborative process changes the way in which I create. A new year brings a new collaboration and in 2019 I am embarking on a project with 11 other artists. Each of us is creating a handmade book and then we will all work on a spread in each book over the course of a year. Every participating artist is choosing their own theme and mine is VOYAGE.

I worked on the inside cover and a few pages inside to provide some inspiration and direction for the artists to find.

All the participating artists will be posting pics on social media using the hashtag #artx12. As I receive and work in each book along the way, I will continue to post images as well. Who knows? Maybe you will even be inspired to start your own collaboration.

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12 Artists - 12 Books - 12 Months

I am just mad about the beginning of your collaboration journal! The pages just scream 'Seth made me!' - and that's a very good thing! I can't wait to see what happens with other books - and to see yours when it's completed.

You're going to have a real treasure!- and such a rewarding experience!

Got the first notification!

Got the first notification! So much gorgeous details and texture, looking forward to seeing more and enjoyed your Facebook live opening your first book from Leslie Avon Miller and the new baked textures!

Seth, your theme, color

Seth, your theme, color palette and of course your trademark layers and textures... love love LOVE! Envy you the artistic journey you & your fellow artists are embarking on -- looking forward to seeing the progress.

Love the beginning of your book

I’m going to be sitting on pins and needles until you show more of the artwork that is being created

your collaboration

Hi Seth,,,,first,,,,Happy New Year,,,,and it looks like you're off to a great start.
This particular journal collaboration sounds so interesting. I can't wait to see all
the brilliantly creative results,,,,You rock, Seth !!!!!!

Your Book Collaboration

The travel/voyage theme is such a great metaphor for life! I'm eagerly awaiting the various interpretations that will ensue. Gads, what a tasty sentence! LOL But, really, your work is always so inspiring.

Such a fantastic idea . I'm

Such a fantastic idea . I'm so looking forward to seeing each of the books and the contributions.

Great theme choice and as for the creativity - WOW both in and out!!

12 Artists 12 Books 12 Months

I love the theme you have chosen and the cover and pages are wonderful Seth. So looking forward to seeing more of yours and the other artists too.

Wonderful idea of 12 artist,

Wonderful idea of 12 artist, books, months. Looking forward love Ayoti x

12 Artists 12 Books

Can't wait to see the collaboration as it travels from artist to artist.
I have been off social media for a bit, but your project drew me back.
Happy New Year!


These pages have so inspired me to get back in my craft room Seth! They're simply amazing! Wishing you all the very best with the collaboration.
Happy 2019,

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