Top Shop Sellers: 2021

March 29, 2023


I love a good TOP 10 list. You know. The year-end compliations that list the best of, most favorite, or hottest sellers. I think these tap into my need to reflect back onto recent experiences and changes in my life as one year ends and another begins. 

So I was extra curious to look back through the 2021 sales in my shop to see exactly what YOU liked and purchased. This way I could find out which of my creations were embraced by the creatives. While searching for these particular products was in large part due to plain old curiosity, I knew that knowing this informtion could also help inform what products I bring to market in 2022.

Before I unveil the findings, a few thoughts:

--It is not always the newest and shiniest product that is the most popular. Proof positive that when you design something that really connects with the creative community, that product stands the test of time.

--My peeps still love colors that I categorize as Vintage Earthy Grunge. These are the colors that fall in the range of tea, coffee, black, sepia, ochre and rust. Throw in some cream and some gold and the earthy palette is complete. 

--Mark Making is here to stay. At least for now. While my stamp and stencils designs with circles had been the most popular in the past, organic and geometric marks now seem to have earned the top spot.

Have a look through the top 3 items in each of the following categories. Do you already have them? Do you need them? Click on each link to find out more...




Collage Camp


Aladine PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Acrylic Paint

PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics: Heavy Cream, Desert Bush, Agave


PaperArtsy Stamp Sets

PaperArtsy Stamp Sets: ESA20, ESA22, ESA21


PaperArtsy Mini Stamps

PaperArtsy Mini Stamps: EM41, EM39, EM54


Impression Obsession Stamp Sets

Impression Obsession Stamp Sets: Primitives, Tracks, Edges


Impression Obsession Stamp Singles

Impression Obsession Stamp Singles: Color Chart, First on Earth, Rays


StencilGirl Products Stencils

StencilGirl Products Stencils: ATC Mixup 2, Grunge Strips, ATC Mixup 1


Aladine Izink ICE: Whiskey Frost, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee


Aladine Izink Dye Spray

Aladine Izink Dye Spray: Goldmine, Licorice, Coffee


Aladine Izink Diamond

Aladine Izink Diamond: Black Coffee, Golden Bronze, Azure Blue


Aladine Izink Pearly Lustre Paste

Aladine Izink Pearly Lustre Paste: Cream, Pewter, Indigo


Aladine Izink Pigment Ink

Aladine Izink Pigment Ink: Royal Gold, Roast Chestnut, Burnt Orange


Aladine Izink Texture Paste

Aladine Izink Texture Paste: Crackled, Flakey, Sandy


Embossing Powder

Emerald Creek Vintage Beeswax; WOW Crusty CopperWeathered Gold