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Throwback Thursday: Magical Moments

I always find myself in a moment of reflection at this time of year. As we transition from 2018 to 2019, I feel fortunate to be as contented with this past year as I am excited abouty the upcoming one. Many changes have occurred for me in 2018, both personally and professionally. As is always the case, there have been experiences to remember...and those that I would rather forget. But as a whole, I continue to be energized, mesmerized, and captivated by this adventure we call life. I have many plans for 2019, some that I have already spoken about, some to be revealed soon and some that even I do not know about yet.

Art remains my anchor, my beacon, and a stabilizing force for me. I feel so very fortunate and am endlessly grateful to all of you out there who have become such an important part of my life. Thanks for your visits to all of my sites, your comments, and your emails. Thanks to those of you who have purchased my artwork and taken my classes. Thank you for using all my various products in your own artwork and projects. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your endless support, inspiration, energy and generosity. I would not be the artist I am today without you all!

There is magic to be found in the lives we are living and I look forward to sharing many more magical moments with you all in 2019.


**Throwback Thursday borrows my favorite posts (sometimes edited) from my previous blog The Altered Page. Magical Moments was first published 1/1/14.

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Well, Seth, this brought

Well, Seth, this brought tears to my eyes! Thank YOU for your inspiration and mentoring. Can't wait to see you in February. Hopefully no snow/ice storms to intervene.

I'm looking forward to taking

I'm looking forward to taking some more of your classes this year!


seth, as usual, you give me quite a lot inspiration! i love taking your classes and purchasing your products! thank you for everything and for bring nyc to me!


Hi Seth,
have you been to busy to try out the bambu-paper or have you been able to 'play' with it? I so much do want to know if you liked or hated it ;)


Thanking all your customers/students/friends for your success in such a generous way is heartwarming as it is smart business and I mean that most sincerely. You are successful because you remain you, always, true to yourself. I am glad to be taking this ride we call life with you in it as well. Even though we have not met in person do not claim to have any special ties to you personally, you always come across as genuine. Your many fans and followers must feel the same way too. As a stereotypical Brit say, "Good show old chap, good show."

What a beautiful piece

What a beautiful piece Magical Moments is and thanks for all the inspiration you give!

Great seeing you at Creativation

Hi Seth! It was wonderful seeing you at Creativation and watching you work your magic. It's always amazing to see you create a piece from scratch and watching it come alive, and all the pieces meld together beautifully. Ah, to have your talent.

I look forward to stocking more of your products in our online store this year!


New Mexico

Hi Seth, love your post,all your new products and the hope if learning from you. I just made a small order my email attached. Please send me New Mexico info.
Congratulations on this new year and your awesome!

Thank you Seth for all that

Thank you Seth for all that you bring / give to our lifes through your art and by always being YOU! I wish nothing but the best for you in all areas of your life and hope 2019 sees you experenced many magical moments .

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