Hi all. The recent glitch in my online shop has been corrected and the store is now open once again. On Thursday I will announce the date and time of the drop of the items I brought back from Spain and I am confident that all will work well this time. So sorry for any frustration and thank you for your patience! 

Teaching Update

March 29, 2023


Although I am excited for my first in-person workshop coming up in a few months, it looks like my teaching travel in 2022 will be very limited.

I am headed to Taos, New Mexico to teach my annual retreat with Roxanne Evans Stout in June...


...to Ephemera Paducah in Kentucky to teach Found and Gathered in July...


...and to upstate New York with Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in October to teach a 5-day retreat called Time Capsule.

The classes in NM and KY are filled which leaves NY as the only open opportunity to take an in-person class with me this year. If you are interested in and able to join, this will be 5-days of art heaven in a 19th Century Inn with good food and surrounded by the beautiful landscape that is autumn in upstate New York. Head here for more info and/or to register. 


For those looking ahead to 2023, registration is open for my 9-day art and culture adventure in Spain moved from May 2022 to May 2023.


And of course, Roxanne and I will once again be holding our Taos retreat in both March and June 2023. Email me at shap97@gmail.com if you are interested in being on the "first hear" list for that.

And stay tuned...my next online Facebook Live class 'Book Marks' will soon be announced.