Save the Date: Collage Camp



Tuesday July 13 - 1-4pm EST


Pack your paper & glue and join me for an afternoon at camp. We start by discussing general collage techniques and approaches This is followed by a review of a series of basic principles underlying the collage process. We will be making a quick “glue and go” collage that illustrates each of the concepts we discuss. These principles are particularly helpful to use when you find yourself creatively stuck. We will then move on to creating a handbound book with pockets which will contain your collage illustrations and notes.

This will become your handbook of collage and a reference guide that you can refer to once camp is over. After the class is completed, you can choose to continue to decorate your book mixed media style – or leave as is. The concepts covered in this course can be applied to your ongoing work in collage as well as in areas such as painting, art journaling and mixed media.

Registration opens & supply list posted here at 3pm EST on Wednesday June 23. 


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Collage camp/book

How will the book be made/bound?

Book Binding

It is a glued binding similar to the one I taught in the Mini Book Madness FB Live workshop. But there is a big twist when it comes to the pages inside.

Join with reckless abandon!

I heard Seth mention somyabout collage camp in a recent interview and I went searching for something I had missed
Then as soon as the information posts…I’m signing up without a care as to what I’m signing up for!


Thank you sooooooo much Kathe. I love your enthusiasm.

Collage Camp

Sounds fabulous! I'll post this to our Collage group.

Thank you

Thanks a million Luane.

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