Online Event: Two Days, Ten Artists, Aladine and StencilGirl Products

I am so excited to welcome you to day one of a two-day online event combining the talents of ten people and the products of both Aladine and StencilGirl.

Ten creatives were provided with their choice of stencils from StencilGirl Products and Izink inks from my collection with Aladine. Today I am highlighting the amazing work of five unique and special artists. Follow the links below to their sites and show them the love with a comment, thumbs up or share - or all of the above. Tomorrow, head to the StencilGirl blog for the links to five additional artists and their creations. And when you get there, you will also find a special giveaway to celebrate as well. 

And head to the bottom of this post to see how you can enter today's giveaway.








To celebrate this collaboration, I am giving away a creative kit combining products from my collections with both StencilGirl Products and Aladine. To be eligible, just leave a comment on this blog post. And yes, Internationals are eligible. The giveaway closes end of day on Wednesday June 3 and the winner will be posted on both my blog and my Facebook page. If I have your email address, I will contact you directly as well.

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Fabulous creations one and all, what a wonderful collaboration! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your wonderful StencilGirl stencils and Aladine products too Seth!

Wonderful to see these

Wonderful to see these amazing artists! Thank you!


What I love is when everyone has the same materials and you see the diversity not just in style, but in how they decide to use them. It shows the versatility of the products. There’s something in each of them for everyone. The pieces everyone created are so interesting. No two alike! Well done everyone!


Thank you for highlighting these talented artists. Their works definitely inspire and make me want to "play"! Amazing range of looks and styles these products afford.

Love their work!

Love their work!


It is so amazing to see how other artists interpret other artists products and the versatility that they bring to the table. They each draw you in, in such different ways. I would totally love to be in with a chance of winning some fabulous products to add to my collection!


I enjoyed looking at all this art. It’s amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

Giveaway :)

Wow what amazing talent to watch, and such an amazing opportunity to win. Slowly building my stash her in Australia and would looooove a boost. Thanks for the opportunity

Thanks for the chance to win!

Thanks for the chance to win! Can’t wait for class!

Awesome giveaway.

Awesome giveaway.

Blog hop giveaway


Thanks for sharing the wealth of talent!!

These five artists did such an amazing job with your products! I am over the moon with the batik feel of Rae, Ann and Rachel's art pieces.


These are all so different yet each one is just stunning! Thanks for the links to so many great new people to follow. <3

Divine textures and colours

stunning,I love how diverse each artists work is. the textures are amazing and I really enjoyed the trip around each artists blog to view their creations.
Great new releases with the iZink ranges, add a stencil and the possibilities are endless.


Seth so generous of you to share your products!

Woo hoo

I know you get a lot of

Beautiful art work. Some of

Beautiful art work. Some of the artists are new to me so am looking forward to viewing more of their work. Great job everyone and thanks for the opportunity to win.


Thanks for the opportunity! Now to follow the links and be inspired.

Stencil Girl and Aladine

Stencil Girl and Aladine products are a match made in art heaven! Love these creations. So unique and inspiring.


Wow! Such a breadth of amazing artwork! What a very inspiring collaboration of wonderful products!


Thank you for this opportunity to see such wonderful work and also participate in the giveaway!


So far, I have played with everything Aladdin, and I’m really having a blast discovering all the ways you can “mess-up” with these products. I’ve got a growing collection of some really cool background and future collage bits, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process. These inks, glazes, sprays are so differ from any other similar product in my studio, that it’s been humbling and exciting to see what all they can do.

Blog Hop

Love all of these projects! Amazing creativity and talent!

What fun! All these creative

What fun! All these creative pieces are awesome! Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's showcased pieces as well. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway opportunity.

Great examples of great products!

I love seeing all of the creative ways the artists are using the stencils and Seth's products! I love using the Izink and the Dye Inks and now I have even more inspiration!

Beautiful work with beautiful products.

I love this work. I use ice but haven’t used it too much with stencils. Thanks everyone. Tommy.

All of these are wonderful,

All of these are wonderful, but Tracy Hickman's just blew me away! That's the kind of thing I hope to be able to create one day. Thanks for sharing their work and for the chance at such an awesome prize!

Seths products

Wow i am amazed at all the wonderful art from these gorgeous products
I really need some of the izink products
love these

Creative collaboration

Wow, so many great styles and ideas with these products! I love how we all can come up with many great uses for the same products sharing our ideas. Thank you

Blog Hop

It is always so interesting to see how artists use products. The results are so very different and show individual style. Winning this kit would be great!! i am always open to trying new products.

Yes please

I lost my husband in April of this year. Im trying to revisit my love for art and my creative outlet to keep myself busy. This would be perfect for me :)
Thank you


These 5 artists works explore the wonder of mix and layers with products that inspire......What a treat to be here. Thanks for the creative Creations and Fine Creative Product lines.

Seth and others

These are great. I love discovering new artists and their own unique styles.


I'm new too. Love it all!!!!


Thanks for the chance to win. Pick me!


Thanks for the chance to win. Pick me!

Stencilgirl & iZink

Thank you for organizing this amazing collaboration! Today's artwork is a 5 course feast for the eyes!! I'm looking forward to dessert tomorrow.


Izink is amazing.after looking at all of these great works of art I had to get mine out and play.


Love seeing these great creative uses of your and Stencil Girl products!! Can’t wait to see more!

Wonderful and Inspiring

So inspiring to see these artist work with the stencils and inks. So creative!!

Thank you for introducing us

Thank you for introducing us to the work of these artists! I'm inspired by Doug's fabrics. I love my Paperartsy Seth Apter paints and stamps but have yet to work with your new pigments, dyes or ices. Looking forward to taking one of your online classes


This is an exciting array of work, including fiber I believe!

Izink/Stencil Girl Hop

Wow! Such wonderful pieces of art with these products. I've learned some more and will be trying some new techniques. Thanks!

Creativity and Giveaway

Wow! The amazing art produced thus far blows me tactile, so colorful, and so very different! I love to see the artists hand in each of these. These inspire me to go create with your new products and play with stencils!!!

Creativity and Giveaway

Wow! The amazing art produced thus far blows me tactile, so colorful, and so very different! I love to see the artists hand in each of these. These inspire me to go create with your new products and play with stencils!!!

Thank you All for the

Thank you All for the inspiration , it is much fun to find out all you can do with these wonderfull products.


Wow such an opportunità!!! Thanks for these gorgeous fratture works: great Styles and talmente. And thanks for your generosità.
grazie - Giuliana from Italy

Everything is wonderful

The art shared is fantastic, your products and Stencil girl stencils ROCK and you are an awesome artist and such a kind and generous person. Thank you for all you do Seth.

Izink Ice

love creating with this new product.

Wonderful giveaway

What lovely delishishness in all those goodies. I would love to have a play with them. I have a few stamps but not enough

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