Online Event: Two Days, Ten Artists, Aladine and StencilGirl Products

I am so excited to welcome you to day one of a two-day online event combining the talents of ten people and the products of both Aladine and StencilGirl.

Ten creatives were provided with their choice of stencils from StencilGirl Products and Izink inks from my collection with Aladine. Today I am highlighting the amazing work of five unique and special artists. Follow the links below to their sites and show them the love with a comment, thumbs up or share - or all of the above. Tomorrow, head to the StencilGirl blog for the links to five additional artists and their creations. And when you get there, you will also find a special giveaway to celebrate as well. 

And head to the bottom of this post to see how you can enter today's giveaway.








To celebrate this collaboration, I am giving away a creative kit combining products from my collections with both StencilGirl Products and Aladine. To be eligible, just leave a comment on this blog post. And yes, Internationals are eligible. The giveaway closes end of day on Wednesday June 3 and the winner will be posted on both my blog and my Facebook page. If I have your email address, I will contact you directly as well.

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Seths products

I love the new products and an starting to explore them. The colors are great and i love the textures I can get. I definately need more colors. This blog hop is great and I enjoy seeing the techniques

Izink and stencils

Amazing variety of applications of the new Izink products combined with stencils from stencilgirl. I saw Seth Apter demonstrate these new inks and have been fascinated with them ever since.

Stencilgirl Products

Love these works. I recently purchased several Stencilgirl stencils, including the one used by Ann Sullivan Barnes, above. It is one of my favorites!


These are such gorgeous pieces of work! Thank you for sharing.

Blog post

How great to be teaming up with these creative artists. I'm so excited to continue seeing what they're doing. Rae's art is so colorful and bright, I just love the way she combines her style with the newer products.

Blog Hop

I have loved everything of yours so far Seth and have no doubt I will love the new items as well. Unfortunately budget hasn't allowed me to get them, yet but soon. What a wonderful giveaway.... off to check out all the gorgeous projects!


It’s so interesting to see the beautiful variety of art created by stencils. Since I have so many (!) it helps spark ideas for me. A bonus! Seeing how artist use Seths materials as I have them as well. Even with the lockdown I just need more time!


I am new here, but I can't wait to see what everyone has done. Thank you for the giveaway.

blog hop

Wow, you chose some amazing artists for this hop. I have loved Rae's botanical designs for years. Tracy Hickman is new to me, I love her style! Your new products fit in with so many different techniques. I need to add them to my stash. Thanks for the blog hop!



I just found your site - I love what I’m seeing and look forward to learning more!

These are wonderful. And so

These are wonderful. And so many great ideas! I’m really enjoying playing with Ice!!

Blog hop

What fun - swooning and hoping to be the lucky one!! Lucky to have played with some of the new products.

StencilGirl Hop

So many amazing ideas here! I can’t wait to try them all out. I haven’t used the Ice as a resist yet but it looks like a great technique x


Wow such beautiful work.I love when you do a "hop" as it let's us see and meet new artists.
and always fun to have the chance to win a few goodies!

I adore Stencil Girl! Would

I adore Stencil Girl! Would love to try your inks. I'm a little early of ink, as I've had some messy experiences!


I'm having so much fun creating with my IZink spray dyes and Ice gels! The IZink Ice gels are great to use in pulling clean up prints on my gelli plate. Fantastic!

Mixed Media

Love going to the “hop”. No such thing as too much learning!


Seth, I adore all of the products I have gotten from you and would love a chance at this giveaway. Looking forward to enjoying the hop.


such inspiring glimpses of creativity. Thanks for sharing.

Blog Hop

Wow, this was awesome. I am new to using stencils. I loved seeing how the different artists showed how they do thing. Give s me a little more courage to try some of the different products. Thank you.

ready to try new products

These are beautiful pages! Can't wait to learn more about the products.


All these are just lovely. It's good to see inspiring ways that the new products can be used.


Hi Seth, thank you for a chance to win a giveaway. Counting the days until the Saturday class! I just know it will be awesome.

Enjoying Izink & Stencilgirl

I like the effects that I get with iZink ICE and lately I have been using the pigment inks, too. Both products have great color palettes and work on many substrates. And of course, I love Stencilgirl. Best place for truly creative, different, fun and funky artist-developed stencils!

Creative Juice

I love looking at other artists work especially when I’m needing a creative kick-start. Some lucky person will get some great products to feed their creativity too. Thanks, Seth!


Would love the opportunity to try these products. Especially after taking the Mini Book class yesterday. I’m in a mini book bender!!


Love the texture created !! Love Doug's crackle piece!


So excited about your new products and thank you for putting this together.

Thanks for...

...putting my pal, Doug’s work “out there.” I’d love to figure out your products like he and others have. Fun! -jxg

FB= Jerry X Griffies
Insta= jerrygriffies

Wonderful use of Products

It is great to see how each individual artist can take similar products and make artwork that is so different. It is all so lovely. Thank you for sharing.


What awesome diverse projects! Love the different ideas and ways to use these products. Thanks!


Such magnificent work from some very talented artists ... lovely showcase for your products ... thank you for sharing


Loved all of the diverse art created with the fantastic products! Thank you for sharing!


Great great work!!! I love all the pieces and the supplies are wonderful to work with. I always find something here that motivates and moves me to create more and continuously strive to be a better artist!!


I am new to your facebook page and I signed up for the mini book class on June 2.
I love watching your demos that you did live recently. The layering is so facinating to me.
I am eager to learn techniques! Thank you for your inspiration!

Seth, Giveaway, Artists, Aladine=FUN!

So much to love on here. The varied colors and processes from all the artists are a good choice. Seth... more products and techniques to try!
Aladine... excited to try these as I had the Izinks, found them to be solid art materials.

Seth's iZink & Stencil Girl blog hop

I love the examples of the 5 artists you featured today. Was gratified that Rae Missigman and Rachel Bellamy provided process information. It's great to see specifically how artists use the products to get the results they do. Sorry that the other three artists did not do this, though their featured pieces are certainly intriguing. Thanks, Seth, for sponsoring this blog hop.


I have just started using Izink products and I love, love, live them! There are a BUNCH of Stencil Girl products I I’d love to receive a giveaway! :-)

Izink sprays

hi Seth, i just got a couple of sprays and I love them, best part is they are not too hard to wash off my hands ;) I also have all your Ice which am just starting to play with. Love the silver one.

Thank You

What a wonderful idea, thank you for the inspiration by such incredible artists. I am so grateful to see so many ideas featuring these great products, which help me to use them even more than I know how too. Thank you all.


I am enthralled with mini books after being part of your class yesterday. Thanks for enlightening and being so generous!


I love how we continue to inspire and learn from one another. Everyone brings their unique styles to the art table. Thanks for showcasing these pieces.

Hot Stuff!

The magic hands of creatives plus fabulous stencils and Seth’s new products make this display of artwork uplifting and memorable! The give away is great! Best of luck to everyone!


So fun. I’ve ordered from stencil girl several times the past few weeks, love them. Keeping busy trying lots of art techniques while at home! Thank you!!

So much artsy goodness

Your new products are wonderful! The izink ice and dye sprays are helping me broaden my color palette and have me moving away from my safety colors.

Loving all your facebook lives.. helping me stay motivated through these not so easy days.

So Excited

I love the IZink products and am looking forward to playing with them more during the Book workshop. I love the way the ice turns a photo copy into a beautiful antique photo repo.


Have worked with Stencil Girl products. Thoroughly enjoyed the MiniBook workshop. Always fun to learn new and different techniques. Many THANKS.


Wow! All these pieces are stunning! Love the creativity shown here.

Such Talent

These 5 artists are amazing, and all so different with their approaches. Thanks for the opportunity to visit each artist's page as well as for the chance to win.

Stencilgirl & iZink

Wow! Such diversity! Such variety! I love them all! You chose fine artists!

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