New Release: PaperArtsy Stamps

March 29, 2023


Thrilled to be relasing 3 all-new stamp sets with PaperArtsy. My collection now includes 33 sets and 32 minis. These stamps are now available in my online shop and at many other online and brick and mortar art shops. To celebrate the release there are 3 live reveals today: 2:30pm eastern in the PaperArtsy People Facebook group, 4:00pm eastern on my Instagram page, and at 7:00pm eastern on my Facebook profile.



I always approach designing by trying to balance staying true to my style while at the same time offering something new. Ironically my innovation is something that is pretty standard for most designers: a theme. Keep on reading to see what I mean...




This set of 8 stamps was created with art journaling in mind. But the designs also lend themselves to book arts, scrapbooking, memory keeping, planners and bullet journals, and, yes, even mixed media. They were designed as labels but can be used in so many ways.



First off, have a look at the alphabet wheel - the largest stamp in the set. While this can be used as is, two simple words allow you to change it up big time: die cut. Using circle dies, a variety of background papers and some dimensional glue dots, you can layer and layer to create your own look.



By simply stacking the circles, using an awl to punch a center holes, and adding a brad in the middle, you can get a unique element where all the circles spin.



You can also stack the negative off cuts and get a completely different look.



And with the quick addition of a washi tape hinge, you can turn this into a small book cover. The open center even allows you to add a small dimensional object.




The other stamps in the set are the perfect additions to your journals and planners. They can be used as labels for your covers or titles on your pages. I have used them below to create a series of mini journals, each measuring about 3.25 x 4.75 inches. 



 You can mix and match the 7 label stamps from the set to add design to your cover. Framing out the labels adds a traditional effect. 



Many of the stamps from my other two sets can be used to add details, as can be seen in the book on the left side of the photo above and both books in the following two images.






Unlike the themed set ESA31, ESA32 can be filed under what you have come to expect from a stamp set from Seth: grungy background stamps that can be used as abstract focal points along with text stamps. 


Although I typically use a muted color palette, I really do love all the colors. This new set includes a stamp with color names and I cannot wait to see somebody out there pair each color name with its actual color.



This color name stamp pairs really well with my ALL THE COLORS stamp from set ESA 24. 



I love this stamp so much I used it in a different way in another piece of art.



This piece also uses 3 of the other background stamps in this set to add dimension and design detail. 



Several of these stamps were used in a different way in several of the mini journals shown I created to highlight ESA31 above.




One of the stamps in set ESA32 was inspired by my travels in New Mexico. It was drawn from my imagination based on the adobe building and churches I have seen in New Mexico. 



I specifically designed it to be abstract enough to be used in parts to add small, linear details to your artwork.  



And of course it wouldn't be a Seth Apter release without at least a few circles.



The addition of a little color and some hand-drawn lines enables you to make these all your own. 





The last set in the trio also has a similar style and approach as the majority of my PaperArtsy stamp sets. Grungy designs that can serve as background details or abstract focal elements are paired with text stamps. Guess I will always be true to myself as a designer.



The ALWAYS BE YOURSELF stamp was used to create a focal point for this piece and one of the design stamps was broken up and used on the opposite side of the artwork for balance. 



It is all about art and I thought a grungy, drippy, graffiti-like version of the word Art would be a good addition. 



I used another design stamp from the set as a background for the word, which I also outlined with a journal pen for a finished look. 



When artwork is abstract in nature, it becomes possible to use a grungy background stamp as the star of the show. 



This scratchy, linear design stamps in black contrasts with the lighter background and serves to frame out the text. Looking closely at the surface reveals the use of another design stamp in this set used to add subtle details to the background.  



I love the concept that not being perfect is just fine and decided it was a time for a stamp that said so too. 



If you look closely at the background, you will see that several other stamps from this set were also used to add detail and interest.



Props to you all who have made it all the way through this post. Hope you have been inspired and may even find yourself using some - or all - of these stamps. If you do, I cannot wait to see how you have put your own spin on my designs. Cause that is what it is all about!