Hi all. The recent glitch in my online shop has been corrected and the store is now open once again. On Thursday I will announce the date and time of the drop of the items I brought back from Spain and I am confident that all will work well this time. So sorry for any frustration and thank you for your patience! 

New PaperArtsy Stamps, Paint and...Sangria?

March 29, 2023

Today is the day I get to share my newest release from PaperArtsy: 8 mini stamps and 4 new paint colors. My PA collection now includes 32 mini stamps, 32 paint colors, and 30 stamp sets. It continues to be a thrill seeing how you use these products to make creative magic. All the new releases - along with the older designs and colors - are shipping now and available here.


My new stamps were inspired by a phrase I like to use when I demo and teach: make it your own. I feel that we as creative individuals have enough imagination to be able to take any commercial product and use them in a way that makes them completely our own. Each of the mini stamps was designed with this in mind and created to give you many options in the way you use them.

















As for the paints...my inspiration was more practical and was the question what colors are missing in my range that would also pair well with many of the other colors in the palette? Answering the question led me to my new Sangria set.



The new colors are available for purchase now in my online shop as a complete set of four or individually. They also can be found in many online and brick & mortar shops across the globe. 

The new colors blend well with the existing colors in my collection with PaperArtsy...but they look great on their own too.


As always, please feel free to tag me if you use these new products and post. I cannot wait to see what creative avenues you travel with these in your creative hands.