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Mind Your Business: Registration Open

March 29, 2023

Mind Your Business

Registration is now open


For the second February in a row, I will be offering this month-long workshop event all about the business of art. All sessions are live via Zoom and fully interactive. Whether you are curious about or interested in beginning your journey as a professional artist or eager to strengthen your current business and brand, this class just might be a perfect fit. Through a series of interactive live sessions, work assignments, one-on-one meetings, Q and A office hours, group discussion, and more, we will cover many of the topics that are integral to being a thriving artist and creative entrepreneur in today’s world. 
This workshop is not for everybody but it is for you if you (1) have made the decision to move forward with turning your creative passions into a thriving business but do not know how to make that transition, (2) have struggled with developing the creative career that you would like to carve out for yourself despite making significant efforts, (3) are already a working artist but feel stagnant and unable to grow your business further, or (4) have not been able to adapt to the ever-changing, post-pandemic landscape. It is not for the person who would like to develop a business based on the traditional, gallery-based model. If after reading this paragraph, your story resonates with my words, Mind Your Business might just be the experience that you need to take you and your career to the next level. 

How will this work? Mind Your Business will run the entire month of February. It is meant to be a significant time commitment as that is what it will take to move you forward and reflects the level of commitment needed to make an actual business grow and run. 
There are 5 components to the class.

  1. Private FB Group. This is the hub of Mind Your Business. Think of it as your office space open 24/7 and the place to connect and interact with all the other participants for the entire month. Information and announcements will be posted there as well. 
  2. Live Zoom Meetings. Once weekly, you will join me for 2-hour Zoom meetings where the workshop modules will take place. In total, there will be 10-hours of live, interactive group sessions. Zoom sessions will be recorded with links sent directly to you for continued access.
  3. Office Hours. Once weekly, there will be open Office Hours, each lasting 1-hour, live via Zoom. This is your time to directly ask me the questions that you need answered and to hear my responses to questions from the others in the group.
  4. One-to-One Sessions. All participants will have one 60-minute private Zoom session with me so that we can briefly focus on the topic most important to you. 
  5. Homework. Oh yes. There will be homework while preparing for the workshop to begin and between class meetings. While optional, the work that I ask you to do will help you to move forward and get more out of the workshop experience.
  6. Follow-up Zoom meeting. Six months after the workshop, there will be a reunion Zoom to reconnect, review, and revitalize what you have learned and applied.


Please read the following carefully as there will be no exceptions made to payment terms.

Cost of the workshop is $645. $100 deposit is due at registration and all you will be charged right now if you purchase this workshop below. Balance of full payment is due by 1/4/23 and you will receive a PayPal request directly from me for that balance. If you cancel before 1/4/23, you will receive a full refund of payments made less $50 non-refundable deposit. After 1/4/23 there are no refunds of any payment made, including full $100 deposit. 

Please note that a minimum of 12 students are needed for the workshop event to runA maximum of 18 participants will be included. If the class is cancelled due to lack of sign up, I will be very sad and you will receive a full refund of all money paid including your entire deposit.

Click here for more info, schedule, and to register