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Call for Submissions

March 29, 2023


I have the honor of writing my first article for an upcoming issue of Where Women Create magazine and am seeking submissions to include in the feature. 

Like many other creatives, I am mesmerized and fascinated by the space in which a maker makes. We are all driven to seek out places to create, sometimes grand and sometimes humble. This might be a sprawling, multi-room studio, a small corner of a bedroom, or the edge of the kitchen table. And everything in between. Our creative space is not always ideal but it is ours! 

Many people are inspired to make their creative space more than simply functional. They make it a work of art that reflects their own voice, passion, and imagination. They turn a corner or an entire room into a living art installation. In doing so, inspiration is always only a glance away.



A number of makers will be featured in my article which will include a variety of these inspirational studio vignettes. It could be the top of a bureau, a bookcase shelf, a bulletin board, a wall, a tabletop, or even the ceiling. Perhaps it is a wall of your artwork, displayed in a unique way. It might be your favorite part of your creative space and/or your most liked image on your Instagram feed. If you have a special spot that you want to share, I hope you will consider answering this call.



Submissions will be considered only if they follow the guidelines outlined below.

-Email all submissions to Seth Apter via email at shap97@gmail.com placing the words Where Women Create in the Subject Line.

-Send up to 3 high-resolution digital images of your favorite inspirational studio vignettes as attachments to your email. Smart phone photography is acceptable. It is my hope that the images sent will be the actual images used in the magazine so please submit quality photos.

-In the body of the email, please include a brief description (up to 2-3 paragraphs) of your space that touches on any of the following topics: what your space/vignette means to you, the story behind its creation, why it is inspirational, the way it impacts your creative work, etc.

-Along with your name, one link will be included in the article. Therefore, please include your social media/website links in your submission. 

-Submissions are due by 9pm EST on Sunday March 6. If chosen, you will be contacted no later than Sunday March 13. You will not be contacted if I am unable to use your submission. 

-The article will include the spaces of multiple creatives. For those accepted for the feature: (1) a quick turn-around will be needed if additional images or information is required, (2) formal release forms will be provided and required, (3) there is no financial renumeration.