2019: New Year...New Blog

Goodbye to 2018 and welcome to 2019. And welcome to my new blog. My online life started on August 10, 2007 when I uploaded my first post to The Altered Page. Back in the day, long-form blogs were the way to go. People had the patience to read, many supportive comments were left and responded to, and a community was born. Some of my strongest artist friendships began in those early years and continue to thrive today.

But, as we all know, social media continued to develop and micro-blogging sites began to become popular. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - to name a few - started to change the face of the online community and make social exchanges more user-friendly and speedier. Why read 5 paragraphs and click through to leave a comment when now you could simply see a picture and click thumbs-up?

I have come to embrace the quick forms of social media in my life as an artist as they allow me to connect with my community while not taking all my time away from actually creating. Seems like many other people agree as more and more long form blogs have been neglected and closed. But at the same time, I continue to love the depth and breadth that my blog was designed to encouarge. And truthfully, I have always found that I came to truly know people via blogs in a way that has never been equaled by FB or IG.

So what's a guy to do? Why not keep both?

The decision to move my ongoing posts to my website rather than continue on my original Blogger platform hasn't been easy to make but comes down to one simple concept: control. With so many constant changes to the algorithms of many social media platforms, it seems like years of work in developing a community can come crashing down in an instant. For example, it took me many years and much effort to create a Facebook Business Page with 14,000+ followers. But it seems like it only took Facebook one minute to change the algorithm so that only a fraction of a fraction of my followers now see any of my posts. Not going to chance that on my blog. Combining it on my website gives me and only me the choices.

If you would like to folow my blog and receive posts in your inbox, click here. While I may lose a good number of followers in the transition, you know what? I am ready to be Seth Apter online rather than The Altered Page. Truthfully, cannot even remember how I came up with that name except for remembering that all my first choices were already taken! 

I begin this new year and this new blog on the same path as back in August 2007. Taken word-for-word from my very first post is the following --just as true now as it was then:

Right now, I have 3 goals in mind for this blog. First, to share my art and receive feedback in return. Second, to share artists, websites, stores, books, ideas, and creations that I have found. And third, to share great art finds from the museums, galleries, and steets of New York. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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I'm here to look around

I hope this move fulfills your goals. I love your site, but it's a bit harder to leave an instant comment. Regardless, I'll be here to see what you are making, sharing, and artists you are showcasing.

Made it across, look forward

Made it across, look forward to how this unfolds for you. Good luck!

Happy New Year!!

Seth, I'll follow you anywhere!! Even with my love/hate relationship with technology!! Happy New Year, my friend!! <3


Congratulations on your new moves in the new year. So proud for you. I enjoy reading your blog and following your artistic endeavors. I also enjoy and cherish how you support and promote other artists. Blessings to you in the coming year,

Yay! I'm told I'm already

Yay! I'm told I'm already subscribing.

Your blog has always been a fave of mine, Seth . I was visiting for quite some years before I plucked up the courage to leave a comment!! Wherever you are at I'll always stop by.

Wishing you all good things in 2019 .

I’m in!

Looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings, and it’s always a treat to see your art, shares, and updates. Thanks for inspiring, encouraging and for just simply being you! xx


Here's lookin at you in 2019!


How exciting Seth! I will continue to watch & learn from your amazing work on all platforms. You are truly an inspiration! Thank you, wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2019

I’m following!

Thanks for getting the word out regarding your change in format, Seth! I’m super happy to be a follower here on your new blog. Wishing you a great 2019!

I’m following!

Wishing you a great 2019! I’m super happy to be following on your new blog! Hugs, Nancy

Best wishes for 2019

As someone said above, or more than one, I'll follow you wherever you take your wisdom, love of art, sharing what you love, what you do, and how you support so many of your fellow makers. You're an inspiration.


I'm not receiving an email for validation purposes. I'll try again later, but I've now tried twice. It's usually my not understanding the instructions as I'm not all that tech savvy at all, but this seemed pretty straight forward. Anyway, I do want to be included in your new endeavor. :)


I’ll continue following along to be inspired and continue learning.

2019 Seth 2.0

Auld Lang Syne. What a perfect time for new beginnings. 12 years. There’s a lot of symbolism in the number 12. Kinda inspires me to create something crafty today with 12 in it to commemorate the past,present and future of your artistic journey! Best wishes for newer days ahead.

Happy New Year and New Blog!

Will be following your art journey in its new home Seth and wishing you all the best for 2019.


I’m not getting the email verification. I have bookmarked the blog and looking forward to following you.

Ps tried the email sign up twice, no luck

Love you

Happy New Year.
Here's to new beginnings.


change is good... hard to hold on to the old

Excited for 2019!

I am very excited Seth to see what you will bring in the new year, and for moving forward with your intuition to change with the times and to grow as an artist!

Cutting down the chatter

Well I totally get it. Always your art buddy you know.

Happy New Year

Looking forward to following along with you on your art journey Seth.


I totally understand and support you wherever you go! I'm a big fan of your work/products and can't wait to see what the new year has to offer.

New beginnings

I'm looking forward to seeing where your journey leads us. Xx

Technology and Socials are

Technology and Socials are fickle things! Good luck on your new journey. I will miss ‘The Altered Page’, awesome title! Onwards and forwards!!

New Year , New Look - sounds

New Year , New Look - sounds fine...

Change is good

Happy New Year and good luck. I'll read your blog no matter where it is. Change can be so good, breathe of fresh air so to speak. I cant wait to see where the new year takes you.


I go where you go Seth! I set up my blog around the same time as you, but haven't closed it yet, as I'm using Blogger as an archive of sorts. Of course, there's been no activity for quite a long time, but I'm still plodding along on FB, and loving Instagram (amd_artfuldreamer). Good luck with the new blog, and I'll be watching youuuuuu…….LOL!

The Gang's All Here

Of course I will follow over to the new site, but I will say that I do miss the long-form blog and am hopeful that you will continue it in some form there. I like the ability to flesh out ideas and respond in kind. FB has it's place and I do appreciate it, but many are leaving that forum now as well. To me FB is more like a quick wave and chat at the market, while a blog is a relaxing discussion over coffee, tea or a nice glass of wine. It's good to have both!

All the best to you. And I’ll

All the best to you. And I’ll follow you wherever.

New year, new info source.

Grest to the update you have made for 2019. Best of everything for you with the new and improved site.


Congrats Seth on you new endeavor, Glad to follow you where ever you choose to share. Been a long time follower and commenter. thanks as always for sharing.


Seth, I hope you know how important you and your incredible talent are to the creative world!! I will stay along on this journey no matter where you go!

Wishing you JOY!

Hi Seth! Pleased to join you here at Seth Apter. Using ones own name is so much better in my opinion. So Happy Erin Keck intoduced us at The Elms in Excelsior Springs Missouri a few years back. I have learned so much from you & you continue to inspire me. I am excited to have an art play session with your products soon! I recently fell in love with your Impression Obsession rubber stamps & splurged on all the typed words sets. They keep whispering to me every time I crank out a new book or journal. Wishing you joy, inspiration & success always. HUGS YOU ARE LOVED! *☆♡☆* -Jenn White

Change is good!

One of my favorite people Martha Stewart once said "You are either changing or your dead". Here's to change. Miss you my friend.


Way to go!

Hi Seth! Way to own your online presence! It's getting increasingly difficult to do so, and even though I accept it as part of modern life, there are those moments when I think we've opened Pandora's box.

Happy New Year Seth! Happy

Happy New Year Seth! Happy new beginnings!

Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the new year.

Nah! You won't get rid of

Nah! You won't get rid of that one Austrian chick following you by just doing the totally right and reasonalbe thing, Seth!
Here's to a new year full of inspiration and I am just so glad you haven't decided to end in-depth-blogging.

I will always prefer old fashioned blog posts to to fast paced wipe-through-and-away-platforms - even though I appreciate their easy and quick ways of sharing and connecting too at times. But I am and will always be a slow-paced social media dinosaur...lol...so here I am, waiting for your next creative endeavours and inspirational posts!

Happy New Year from Vienna, Austria!

Claudia x

Great Start to the New Year!

Hi Seth~ Congrats on your new website.
I'm looking forward to seeing what new inspirations come our way from YOU.
Your goals are worthy and generous and inclusive. Bring It!

Happy New Year

Seth I’m happy to see that you will continue your blog. It provides so much good content and information. I love how you supports the arts and artists. Looking forward to what 2019 brings. Hoping to find a spot in a ne of your classes this year on the west coast. Cheers and happy new year.

I will follow you. Yo know

I will follow you. Yo know I’m very amature person. Need to learn from abc. I love your art..xx


Seth, as I've told you before......I'd follow you ANYWHERE!!! Happy 2019, my friend!! All the best!!!



Changes are required in this ever faster paced world. Embrace the speed and hold on tight! "Seth Apter" looks good!

Makes perfect sense Seth!

Makes perfect sense Seth! Have a very happy new year! X

Your New Blog

Hey Seth!
I am thrilled to begin following your new blog in 2019. You are right about friendships with artists being formed over the blogging years. I began blogging back in 2008 and met many artists, most of who I am still friends with now on facebook. Many are no longer blogging, but I haven't had the heart to let go as of yet. So, I faithfully post on my blog a lot. I have friends who are not on facebook, and they rely on my blog to keep up with what is going on in my world.
I watched you LIVE from NY on facebook today and loved it. Looking forward to all the magic you have to bring us this year and in the future.

A successful New Year

Good luck on your new journey, Seth. I wish you all the best in 2019!

So glad you are keeping the blog

So glad you are keeping a blog. All the quick social media doesn't do art justice. Exposure yes, justice no.

Way back when

Your new site and endeavors are phenomenal. I've been real busy myself and just had time to catch up on your exciting life. Im so glad I had the opportunity to meet you in person way back when at ESS in FL.
I still have my little bound book and will treasure it always. You my dear have come a long long way since then.
We will always be kindered NY spirits. I wish you continued success and happiness in your journey.
PS...see ya .. WOULD..wanna be ya!

Wishing you every success at

Wishing you every success at your new site and looking forward to your revelations.

Happy new year 2020

Can't imaging it's been one year since this blog post. Still awesome. thankyou so much for sharing this post. Happy new year 2020 in advance to you and all your beloved.

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