June 2020

Call for Creative Team Members



I am so very excited to announce that I am looking for a small group of people to join my first Creative Team, beginning September 1 and running for a 6-month period. I have been considering this for quite some time but have always hesitated as I am not looking to create a "design team" in the traditional sense. The goal of this team and the role of its members is still evolving but will revolve around creativity, community, mutual support, education, diversity, promotion, innovation, and - of course - art. If you are passionate about those words, read on...  


As a Creative Team member, you will be asked to:

-Be an active part of a diverse, inclusive and supportive community.

-Create and promote one artwork/project/experience/event per month across your social media platforms.

-Work with the team on collaborative, creative projects and cross promotional events.

-Be involved with online postings for new product releases.

-Be active on social media and comfortable appearing in video content, both pre-recorded and live.


As a Creative Team member, you will be:

-Paid for your time, talent, effort and creativity.

-Provided with select new and prior releases of Seth Apter product.

-Included in a private Facebook group for team members only.

-Promoted on a dedicated team page on my website and across my social media channels.

-Provided with support, guidance and encouragement with respect to your own creative career and brand.


If after reading the brief, you are excited by the opportunity of being a member of this team, please apply by emailing the following information to shap97@gmail.com with Seth Apter Creative Team in the subject heading:

-Your name and current hometown/country (Internationals are welcome and encouraged to apply)

-Links to all your social media channels.

-Three (and only three) images, included in the email as attachments, of three projects/artworks that you feel best represent your creative style.


Deadline to apply is June 30, 2020. Decisions will be made by and announced within the first two weeks of August.


Please note that you will only hear back from me if you are selected or if I have addiitonal questions to discuss. In addition, depending on the number of applications, I may not have the time to respond to individual questions regarding this call. Rather, I will answer any questions you have if you are among the group that I choose to contact. Finally please know that there are likely to be many people looking to join the few spots available. Not making the team is no reflection on your talent, ability, worth, or skills.

Looking forward to receiving your emails and building the team!

Thank you, Seth