Wood Chips Set 1

Item Description

Wood Chips is a set of five, hand-designed and laser cut wood embellishments from my newest collection with PaperArtsy. Made in the UK, these are perfect for creating dimension and texture in your mixed media artwork.

There are 3 components in each set:

1. 5 Chips, with ragged outer edges in the shape of a tag, square, star, circle, and bar.

2. 5 separate borders shaped to match each Art Chip with ragged inner edges and smooth outer edges.

3. A wooden form measuring approximately 6" x 8.5" which comtains the negative of each shape and which can be used as is in your artwork or as a stencil/mask.

These embellishments have been designed to work in conjunction with several other of my products, including two of my stamp sets with PaperArtsy (Eclectica³ 03 and 04) and my entire series of Insider and Outsider stencils fom StencilGirl Products. They are all sized to fit together.

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