Photo Play: Techniques for Altering Photos with Paint and Ink DVD

Item Description

Based on my Photo Op live workshop, Photo Play is filled with 91 minutes of artful fun.

Take your photos out of your phone and take them to a new level. This workshop introduces a series of subtractive techniques to prepare the surface of your photographs and add texture and pattern to the images. This is followed by demonstrations of additive techniques, where we hand-color our photos using watercolor paints, dye inks, and water-based pens and markers. The focus then shifts to integrating these photos into your art. After an introduction in how to create and alter die cuts, we put it all together by creating a dimensional and layered journal page where your photo is the star.

Each of my 4 news DVDs focus on introducing and demonstrating approaches to mixed media art that can immediately be integrated into the artwork that you currently make. While the workshops are heavy on technique, each also provides direction that you can follow to create specific mixed media projects.

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