Baked Velvet: Mediterranean Kit

Item Description

Baked Velvet is my newest line of embossing powders for artists from Emerald Creek Craft Supplies. We have collaborated to create a collection of embossing powders that can be used in both traditional and unique ways. Always perfect for your mixed media work.

The Mediterranean kit includes three colors: Lime, Aegean Sea and Dusk. These semi-matte powders in a cool color palette of blues and greens add depth, dimension and richness to any project. These slightly-opaqued translucent blends fuse together to allow the under-surface to show through. With full coverage, the effect is faux-encaustic. 

Each container is a long-lasting 17 grams.

Please note that in order to keep the price consistent across all powder flavors, the jars are packed by weight rather than volume. Lightweight powders fill the jar and those with heavier crystals do not.

Please read my Store Policies which can be found at the link at the footer of every page. And please note: If you live in the United States, you can order directly and immediately from this site. If you require international shipping, please email me in advance of your order to discuss shipping options as international shipping can be variable and expensive. 

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