Workshop Schedule 





Spend a few hours, a day, or a week together with me - learning, sharing, creating. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being in a room full or artists creating magic. 



The sense of possibility, the spirit of community, and the curiosity to learn, all combine to lead to moments you will always remember.



The following is my workshop schedule for 2018. Additonal locations and classes will be added soon. If you have any specific questions or would like spaces held for workshops that are not yet open for regostration, please do not hesitate to email me. Links will take you to either the venue's general website or the workshop registration page. If you represent a venue and are interested in hosting one of more of my workshops, please contact me at 


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April 28 - Pratt Institute - New York, New York

--Creating an Artist Folio

--Registration Open - click here & scroll to mixed media section




May 9-15 - Encausticastle - Lexington, Kentucky

--Book Arts with Seth Apter (5/9-5/12) and Daniel Essig (5/12-5/15)

--Registration Open


May 19-20 - Everything Scrapbook & Stamps - Lake Worth, Florida

--May 19 - Get Baked!

--May 20 - Abstraction Reaction


May 28-June 1 - Quilt & Surface Design Symposium - Columbus, Ohio

--May 28-June 1 - Table of Contents

--Registration Open




June 2-3 - Quilt & Surface Design Symposium - Columbus, Ohio

--June 2-3 - For Your Eyes Only

--Registration Open


June 15-17 - Idyllwild Arts - Idyllwild, CA

--June 15 - 52 Card Pickup - Registration Open

--June 16-17 - A Book of Moments - Registration Open


June 30-July 1 - Visions of Australia - Hornsby, Sydney, NSW, Australia

--A Book of Moments

--Email me at for info 

--registration open - 4 seats left




July 5-9 - Fibre Arts Australia - Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

--Table of Contents: a 5-day retreat 

--Retreat Full


July 12-16 - Fibre Arts Australia - Woodlawn, New South Wales, Australia

--Table of Contents: a 5-day retreat 

--Registration Open




August 11-12 - PaperCraft Clubhouse - Westbrook, Connecticut

--August 11 - Abstraction Reaction - Registration Pending

--August 12 - Get Baked! - Registration Pending


August 17-19 - Clipper Street Scrapbook Company - Langley, British Columbia, Canada

--August 17 - Mixed Media Revolution - Registration Pending

--August 18 - Get Baked! - Registration Pending

--August 19 - 52 Card Pickup - Registration Pending




September 3-7 - Burritt's Rapids Community Hall - Burritt's Rapids, Ontario, Canada

--Lovely Creatures: a 5-day book art workshop with Holly Dean

--Registration open


September 21-23 - Shake Rag Alley - Mineral Point, Wisconsin

--Table of Contents - 3 seats left

--Registration Open




October 4 - The Art is You Movement - Stamford, Connecticut

--October 4 - Save the Date: workshop tba


October 7-8 - A Work of Heart - San Jose, California

--October 7 - Save the Date: workshop tba

--October 8 - Save the Date: workshop tba


October 10-14 - The Art is You Movement - Ogden, Utah

--Masterclass Series: a 5-day retreat with Sharon Payne Bolton

--Save the Date: registration opens May 30




November 17-18 - Artistic Artifacts - Alexandria, Virginia

--November 17 - Save the Date: workshop tba

--November 18 - Save the Date: workshop tba




 Abstraction Reaction  - one-day workshop

Let go of your plan and preconceived ideas and spend the day going abstract. In this full day workshop, learn the principles behind creating abstract art. We will discuss and reviw concepts such as Focus, Unity, Contrast, Repetition, Balance, Layering, Movement and Quadrant Composition, among others. We will start by creating collage bits and pieces in a freeform and random fashion to be used in our workshop project. Working on a stretched canvas, we will then bring life to the principles using collage, paint, ink, and an array of mark makers. You will make at least one and have a collection of creative techniques to apply to all your art in the future. 


Get Baked!  - one-day workshop

Get Baked! This ain't your grandma's embossing powders. Everything old is new again and that referes to art and crafts products too. In this full day workshop, we will be bringing EP into the 21st century. Using my collection of Baked Texture embossing powders from Emerald Creek, we will start by discussing the properties of EPs and reviewing traditional uses, such as stamping. Then we turn to the future and work with new ways to use this product. Examples include faux encaustics, custom blending and layering. We also cover cold applications and alternatives to embossing pads. Of course there will be art and you will create layered, textural and dimensional artworks, Baked Texture style. 


50 Ways to Leave Your Layer - one-day workshop

Okay. Maybe not 50. But a lot. In this workshop, you will be putting your paint playlist on repeat as we go through a series of paint layerinmg techniques that you can apply to all your creative projects. Everybody will be provided with a journal to work in that we will fill up, page by page, with layered backgrounds. Additive and subtractive paint techniques, properties of acrylic paint, mark making, application strategies, and much more will be included. In the end, you will leave with a new journal that you can keep as a technique reference manual or continue to work in to complete your journal pages in your own personal style.


Mixed Media Mashupone-day workshop

Discover the secrets behind creating dimension, texture, depth and complexity layer by layer. We will be breaking into an arsenal of mixed media supplies to create mixed media magic: paint, ink, stamps, stencils, die cuts, rub-ons, mark-making and more. You will learn how to "create without thinking"  and develop layers that enhance, rather than cover, the layers below. The techniques you will learn in this workshop can easily cross into your art practice and are designed to enhance your creative freedom and expression. In Mixed Media Mashup, everything and anything goes.


Cutting Room Floor – one-day workshop

With the advent of smartphones and photo apps we have all quickly become expert photographers, sharing our iamges by email and across social networks. Join me in this workshop and relive the "good old days" when pictures were actually held in our hands and not stored on our phones. In The Cutting Room Floor we will take ordinary photographs and turn them extraordinary through a series of hand-altered techniques. Using mixed media supplies such as paints, inks and markers, you will take your photographs to the next level. Once your photographs are altered, we will focus on learning ways to integrate these photographs into mixed media artwork. Techniques for developing layered backgrounds with acrylic paint and ink will be introduced and approaches to creating complex and cohesive layers with mixed media material reviewed.


Collage Camp – one-day workshop

Pack your paint and paper and join me for a day at camp. We will start with a series of creative exercises that illustrate the principles of collage that will be put together to make a take-home reference guide that you can refer to after class. We will then move on to create abstract, painted backgrounds using both additive and subtractive paint techniques as the substrate for your collage. Following this, we will move on to the process of collage, transforming bits and pieces of paper into a cohesive whole. Basic and advanced collage techniques will be reviewed and approaches to collage discussed. You will have the opportunity to create multiple collages during this workshop and will leave with a virtual toolbox of techniques which can be applied to your ongoing work in collage, painting, art journaling, mixed media and more.


Dimensional Stenciling – one-day workshop

Stencils have never been more popular. They are the perfect supply to use in mixed media art, art journaling, and just about every other creative project out there. In this technique-packed workshop, you will take your stenciling to the next dimension. We will begin with a review of both non-dimensional and dimensional stenciling techniques, which will include an introduction to a variety of pastes and mediums. In the process, we will create a technique guide that you will have to refer to long after the class ends. After a series of lessons im making layered, painted backgrounds, you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite approaches and products and apply them to create stunning stenciled art.


52 Card Pickup – one-day workshop

A deck...52 cards. A year…52 weeks. Make the most of this synchronicity by creating a one-of-a-kind, mixed media journal that you can use to document a year in your life, week by week. In this workshop we will start by taking an ordinary deck of playing cards and, by using paint and paper, end up with a unique and personal journal small in size but large in impact. Press play when you enter the room because the techniques in this workshop are all about letting go, creating without thinking, and allowing your inner-artist to emerge. Along the way you will learn the secrets of layered backgrounds, the basics of collage composition, and tricks of the trade to literally tie it all together. In this class, you will always be dealt a winning hand.


A Book of Moments - one to two-day workshop

Capture the fleeting moments of your life in this one-of-a-kind artist book that we will be creating from scratch in this one-day workshop. We will start by learning a versitile, no-sew binding technique that will enable you to give new life to vintage book covers and turn them into a new treasure. We will embellish the cover, in the process learning a variety of methods to attach metal bits in a secure and artful way. Next we will turn inward, to the pages of the book, where we will be adding our moments - bits and pieces of paper and fabric, thread, tissue, photographs, hand made marks, and the ephemera of our lives. With this book, the moments that are destined to become part of of the past can be kept in the present.


For Your Eyes Only – two-day workshop

(see a video of the project here)

Capture and contain your artistic spirit in the form of a one-of-a-kind artist book. In this workshop you will transform the most basic of materials – commercial book covers, cardstock, and paper – into a memorable and unique page-turner. The focus of the class will be on learning a no-sew binding technique that will allow you to bind single sheets into your book. We will also make interactive pages overflowing with flaps, windows, pockets, flags, tabs, and more. Once the books are bound, we will move on to creating collaged pages in a process involving paper quilting and mark making. Your choice of ephemera, stamps, rub-ons, marks, drawings, etc. will be used to add design to the pages. This class is tailored to both the beginner and the advanced bookmaker. 


Table of Contents - three to five-day workshop

A table of contents typically is an abbreviated listing of chapters in a book and provides an overview of what can be found on the pages within. In our workshop, we will be visually documenting our own personal stories and creating a one-of-a-kind Table of Contents that reflects the chapters of our lives. You will create a series of mixed media booklets that, when stacked together, express your story. The booklets can reflect different ages or stages in your life, people in your world, aspects of your self, experiences you have had, etc. Or you can simply make an unthemed, kick-ass artist book! Techniques we will explore together include painting in layers, surface design, book binding, creating patina on paper, mark making, and more.


A Library of Memories - three to five-day workshop

In this very special art-making adventure, we will be creating a one-of-a-kind embellished container to hold a handmade book and a dimensional assemblage. This class will cover a wide variety of techniques related to painting, mixed media, book binding, assemblage, collage, and fun-having. Using cradled panels, you will start by making a hinged container that will be layered in paint and covered with objects and materials. Inside, we will work on filling one niche with an assemblage of objects while at the same time learning approaches to dimensional collage, attachment techinques, and more. A handbound book, made in the workshop and fully removable from the container, will fill the space in the other niche. Your "Library" can be themed or unthemed and will truly reflect your style, whether vintage, modern, bohemian, eclectic, or other. A table of contents


Photo Op – 3-hour workshop

With the advent of smartphones and photo apps we have all quickly become expert photographers, sharing our iamges by email and across social networks. Join me in this workshop and relive the "good old days" when pictures were actually held in our hands and not stored on our phones. In Photo Op we will take ordinary photographs and turn them extraordinary through a series of hand-altered techniques. Using mixed media supplies such as paints, inks and markers that you bring, a few surprises that I will bring, and your creative imagination, you will take your photographs to the next level. Are you ready for your Photo Op?


Radiant Rust – 3 hour workshop

Two of the hottest trends in mixed media right now are rust and shimmering metallics. Since opposites attract, why not bring these two distinct surface tones together. Radiant Rust will introduce you to a series of techniques and products that will allow you to create and intermix both. Starting with acrylic paint and embossing powder, you will learn a special layering technique leading to a dimensional, rough and grungy rust-like surface - complete with an oxidized green patina. You will then move on to usinh a series of products and approaches to create sparkling ans shiny metallic effects that glimmer and glisten. Take home a unique piece of art and new creative ideas that you canb apply to your own mixed media work.


Mixed Media Revolution – 3 hour workshop

Join the Mixed Media Revolution. This hot trend is all about letting your creativity run free, thinking outside the box and drawing outside the lines. In this technique-heavy workshop, you will be introduced to both basic and advanced approaches to creating layered and dimensional mixed media art. Using paints, inks, stamps, stencils, and pens, this workshop will focus on methods to make commercial art products unique and all your own. Techniques to help you create without thinking will be demonstrated and include monoprinting, drizzling, bordering, layering, scribbling, fusioning, and many more.